¡Enter the most AMAZING yet  

DANGEROUS  jungle, and make an

epic RESCUE!


Exuberant strategy game, with crocodiles, snakes, a swift river and the biggest peril: Greedy humans.

2-4 Jug

20-30 min

*Family Game 

*Friends Game Night

*Perfect to play with your couple 

Move your canoe from one red dot to another red dot, as long as they are next and contiguous to each other and connected by the river. 

+ 8 years



Your explorers are lost in the perilous but fascinating Amazonas jungle, your mission is to be the first to make them reunite. You must hurry, there are several search teams and only one reward, so use your cards wisely, move your canoes quickly, rotate the tiles to advance and block the others, dodge the dangerous crocodiles and fearless snakes and  carry out a HECTIC RESCUE



"It is a game whose simplicity when it comes to explaining and playing, contrasts exquisitely with the strategy you must use to win. You  find a game full of interaction, where you not only worry about advancing but also about deflecting and blocking your opponents’ path" Lisa M .



 play one of your NINE  MOVEMENT cards  FACE DOWN

¡Learn how to sail in just one minute

What do people say about RESCATE EN LA SELVA





"The mechanics fit perfectly with the beautiful components that make you feel you are in a real jungle mission, ¡besides, you can take it anywhere!" Stephanie L

Rotate a tile (circle or star) 90 degrees clockwise  


The explorer who played the lowest movements card moves first in the round ( which may become trascendental at some points of the game)

Snakes and crocodiles may appear depending on the cards chosen by the players, watch out and adjust your strategy cause they may slow you down and lose movements




"From the first moment you feel the emotion and that tension of guessing which card your opponents are going to play and which one you should choose."  John F

Crocodile Ball feature


"Just the crocodile ball finger toss experience, makes "Rescate en la selva" a must have "  Sandra M

¡Help us    

by having a blast!


By playing or reccomending THE TOP, you'll be helping Colombian peasant families who strive to build their own future. Currently some families from the village of Tocarema in the municipality of Cachipay-Cundinamarca work on the production of games that not only include ink, paint and fun, but also hours of work, dedication and specially LOVE, a lot of it. 

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With each movement you can

You can use each card just once and discard it after this round

Keep an eye on the player with the boat Token and take advantage of it when it's your time to have it (¡Including the possibility to play first in case of a tie and to FINGER TOSS THE HUNGRY CROCODILE!).

Grab it like an anaconda would grab its prey


2 years took us to perfect this game that will delight both frequent players and those who are not at all familiar with board games. 


Perfect for:


That rainy afternoon with your family

That sunny afternoon with your family :)

Impressing and having a nice time with your crush 

Playing with your couple 

To liven up a night with friends. 

To give it as a gift to your little brother, mother, friend, gf, bf, ...  


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