¡The Wobbliest  

GAME you'll ever play!


The most colorful strategy game has arrived guaranteeing unique moments of fun.


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2-4 Jug

20-30 min

*Family Game 

*Friends Game Night

*Perfect to play with your couple 

Go to the next floor if the dot above is the same colour as the brick you are standing on

+ 10 years

Meet THE TOP  


The TOP It's a fun (and unsteady) game where you have to use your ingenuity to be the first to climb and reach the top of the Wobbliest colour building in the world. Forget about fellowship and try to make your rivals fall down as you make your way to the desired eighth silver floor.


The emotion after making your opponent fall down can only be compared with the feeling of being just one step away from victory but knowing you are still not safe. ¡Use your cards wisely, look at the available bricks and make your strategy to avoid falling down and reach the top!



"It's an amazing game; if you don't fall in love with it by just staring at the color building, you surely will when you start to climb floor by floor" MICHAEL B.



 play one of your THREE cards ON YOUR TURN and make a move 

Only 3 min to learn how to play, ¡Hours of endless fun!

  What do people say about THE TOP





"Thrill from start to finish, you don't know what is more rewarding; reaching the top or bringing down the one who has been bothering you" Mark L

Use a special card to go up even if the brick above has another color


 Use floor and brick cards to  insert bricks into the building

Roll the color or the floor dice, and with a pinch of luck you may bring closer that brick you need to climb or prevent the passage of your opponents and even knock them down 

Jolly bricks, the possibility of climbing over your opponents, and the presence of SPECIAL CARDS will spice the game up!


GAME experience!


"The most creative and visually appealing game I have ever played"  Christian M



Be prepared for more than 30 minutes, because you'll definitely ask for a rematch "  Maria B


BREAK A LEG , but try to keep your climber safe by playing with strategy


Blending the exact dose of luck with strategic decisions throughout the game and... of course staying in one piece and not taking it too personal xD  

¡Help us    

by having a blast!


By playing or reccomending THE TOP, you'll be helping Colombian peasant families who strive to build their own future. Currently some families from the village of Tocarema in the municipality of Cachipay-Cundinamarca work on the production of games that not only include ink, paint and fun, but also hours of work, dedication and specially LOVE, a lot of it. Not only parents, but also their children, when they have free time and are not studying, have fun painting wood next to their mother. 

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*Prototype version ( final version will include 3d climbers, similar to the ones in the pictures)